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The Project

Located at the intersection of First and Spruce in Ilwaco, Washington, the Doupé Building serves as an elegant entry to both the Long Beach Peninsula and Cape Disappointment State Park. In 2018, the property was purchased by Arbor Equities in a state of disrepair. As the most recent steward of this historic building, Arbor Equities is excited to be a part of the renaissance. 


Upon completion, the building will house thirteen residential units and two commercial bays. Among the largest challenges and changes will be the conversion of approximately half of the first floor into five new residential lofts - intended to help meet demand for high quality rental in the area. Arbor Equities’ Managing Member, Abigail Mack, brings fifteen years of experience in housing development and property management, along with a deep commitment to community building and historic preservation. 

Architectural renderings by EFA Architects

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